Wednesday 24 February 2016

Interview: Captain Caitlin

Following on from our previous report on the CSC Teesside London expedition, we now present an interview with Captain Caitlin.

Photo © Fay Anderson

Q: What was the best thing about the London experience?

I don't know; I liked it all! Probably when I went on the stage to move a piece for Vishy Anand.

Q: Which move did you make?

The pawn in front of the king, two spaces.

Photo © John Saunders

Q: Were you nervous when you went onto the stage?

Not really; it just seemed so surreal.

Q: Did you know it was live on the Internet, being watched by people all across the world?

I didn't realise that at the time!

Photo © Fay Anderson

Q: How did your games in the tournament go?

All right: won two, drawn two, lost one.

Q: Were they tough games?

Yes, but I messed up in one of them.

Q: The one you lost?


Q: What did you do?

I didn't realise he could take my queen!

Q: Were you happy with your performance apart from that?


Q: Did you feel you were playing against strong players all time?

Yes, most of the time.

Q: Would you go back again if you had the chance?


Q: Do you think it made you a better player?

I hope so!

Q: What else about the trip has stuck in your mind?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was really good!

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