Tuesday 26 January 2016

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We had some success attracting sponsorship from a variety of sources. Money is definitely out there, but it's not so easy to get it.
There was a period of time when banks would help me in my ventures. Not with large amounts, but we always put on a good show regardless.

Today's photograph dates back to 1991, when we tempted Midland Bank to part with £100 to enable us to run a big tournament at the Southlands Leisure Centre.

I remember the man from the Midland looked a lot like Ben Elton.

It soon became much more difficult to obtain money from any bank. I tried the traditional method a few times: walking in with a stocking mask on my head and demanding money with menaces. In fact I wouldn't have minded if they'd kept the menaces and just handed over the cash. However, without an accomplice it looked a bit silly, what with the spare stocking leg flapping about all over the place.

But there were other avenues to explore...

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