Monday 19 October 2015

Sunderland Chessday

A rare expedition out of the Teesside area enabled me to run an introductory Chessday at Broadway Junior School in Sunderland.

The children were impressively enthusiastic as they learned about the very basics of chess.

Our link to the school was provided by Mrs Hastie, formerly one of my top chess people on Teesside, with whom I worked alongside at Brambles Primary Academy for several years. 

Mrs Hastie joined Broadway Junior School towards the end of the previous school year and decided to take chess with her! This act of spreading the word of chess - when a key member of staff has left one of our schools and called in the CSC almost immediately - happened at two other schools this year on Teesside and one more well follow before the year is out.

Thank you for a great day, Broadway! I am planning a return trip in the New Year.

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