Wednesday 1 July 2020

London Crew: Lockdown Reunion

One of the biggest highlights of the current school year is, without doubt, being with my chess stars at the 2019 London Chess Classic

We enjoyed a subsequent reunion evening and were looking forward to more special events when the lockdown occurred.

We didn't want to wait any longer to reunite, but what could we do...?

Inspired by the outdoor chess activities of my excellent friend Kineke Mulder, we came up with the plan of chancing the mercurial British weather with a special al fresco evening of chess.

It was a big surprise for our chess stars, who had no idea why they were suddenly going out on respective walks, especially as it was almost tea time.

We had an exceptional evening of great company, chess and fine pizzas.

There was also a big chess match, featuring the juniors against the adults! We will present the full moves of the game in the next post, when you will find out who emerged victorious.

Thank you, everyone! It was wonderful to see you all again.

All is ready for the big match
The unbiased Arbiter
Having fun despite the rain (which soon stopped)
Exemplary preparation for the evening
They are either hungry or ready for the big chess match
Well, that's Catherine's tea - but where is ours?
Chess and chocolate always go together well
Always willing to take a good pizza advice
Smile, please! Oh - they are!
We look ready to take over the world. In fact - let's do it!
Writing down the moves of the game
Impressive improvisation
Deep thinking. This game means a lot!
Checkmate! Find out who won in the next post...

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