Thursday, 28 June 2018

Project 30: Problem Solving Competition

Today brought another brand new competition for our local CSC stars.

I invited all of our CSC Teesside schools to send two children to Park End Primary to participate in the Problem Solving Competition, as part of Project 30.

Some of our schools were busy with other end-of-term activities but  I was very pleased to see those who could make it along today.

We had represpentives from Ings Farm, Mill Lane, Park End, Sacred Heart and Westgarth.

Hard at work
The children were magnificent as I tested them on an increasingly difficult set of chess problems. It is always very rewarding to see everyone working so hard and showing that our special chess activities mean something to them.

Mr Holmes of Park End spoiled us all with drinks and sweets

Mr Bethell plays chess too!
More checkmates - more hard work
When I started marking the papers I was surprised to find the first five I assessed had all scored 10 points and I was beginning to think we were in for a 12-way tie.

However, two leaders eventually emerged: Bobby Salt and Alice Sturman, who finished ahead of Thomas, Eleanor, Jacob, Ben, Rona, Jordan, Sid, Sanuli, Zak and Ebony.

Fortunately, I had anticipated the possibility of a shared place and had brought along two identical trophies.

Congratulations, everyone!

Alice continues her extraordinary sequence of success!

Thank you to all of the children and staff who made the afternoon such a great success.

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