Thursday, 14 June 2018

8th CSC Teesside Team Tournament

The 8th CSC Teesside Team Tournament continued the fine competitive yet sporting tradition of the series and all of the participating school teams played excellently over the course of our very busy afternoon.

Park End Primary were this year's hosts (this changes each year) and they did a fabulous job (as expected). Special thanks must immediately go to Mrs Rodwell (for agreeing to everything), Mr Holmes (for so many things, including moving many tables, sorting out the refreshments and organising three teams of Park End players) and Miss Mains (for facilitating the arrivals and departures of a very large amount of visitors and for printing an equally unfeasible number of certificates) plus all other Park End staff who helped during the event.

Big thanks also to all of the parents and staff of the visiting teams, whose efforts are greatly appreciated.

We had two special guests too, in the form of Mr Cassidy (Stockton Library supremo and soon to be CSC tutor) and Mr Fegan, the Chief Operating Officer of the CSC, who travelled down from London specifically to see our tournament in action.
With Mr Fegan. We are smiling because we had just enjoyed an excellent Park End school lunch
Meanwhile, some chess was played too...

All 16 CSC Teesside schools were invited to send a team but one or two couldn't make it this time. Former champions Sacred Heart tried to get there but were let down at the last minute by their transport.

13 teams played two rounds on the Jamboree system (perfect for a large number of teams playing a small number of rounds).

Mr Cassidy, pretending he is still in a primary school chess team

Defending champions Westgarth shared the lead with former champions Billingham South at the end of the first round, both with maximum scores, but The Avenue, Ings Farm, Throston, Whale Hill and Park C were all just one point behind.

Westgarth's inspirational captain and current U-11 Teesside Girls' Champion
Westgarth kept on winning in the second round but Billingham South dropped a point, which was enough to enable Westgarth to retain their title - but they had to score 100% to do it! Congratulations, Westgarth!

So close for Billingham South!
Here are the final scores.

1st Westgarth, 8/8

Westgarth retain their title!
Silver for Billingham South

=2nd: Billingham South and Throston, both 7/8

6/8: Whale Hill

5.5/8: The Avenue

5/8: Ings Farm, Park End C

3/8: Hemlington Hall, Mill Lane

2.5/8: Park End B

2/8: Park End A, Pennyman, St. Aidan's

It was simply wonderful to see so many of children playing together and clearly enjoying their afternoon, regardless of scores or final placings.

Thank you very much, everyone!

Roll of Honour

2011: Ings Farm and Throston
2012: Ings Farm and Billingham South
2013: Throston
2014: Errington
2015: Throston
2016: Sacred Heart
2017: Westgarth
2018: Westgarth

Coming up next will be the 1st Project 30 Problem Solving Championship, again at Park End. All 16 of our schools have been invited to send two children to the event and a full report will follow in a couple of weeks.

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