Thursday, 7 June 2018

CSC Training Day Tour 2017-8: Middlesbrough

Following my tour dates in London (two days), Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh (three days) and Leeds, today brought the annual Middlesbrough training day which once again took place at the magnificent venue of the Middlesbrough Community Learning Centre (Acklam Grange School).

The day broke the attendance record for this particular leg of the tour as we attracted 16 eager delegates, including teachers, TAs and strong chess players. A fabulous blend!

We introduced the delegates to the CSC curriculum, mini-games, roleplay and a variety of group games and chess variants. The delegates also presented their own thoughts on the merits of teaching chess to children and this led to a fascinating group discussion.

Here are a few captured moments from the day's activities.

There is now just one more date left on the 2017-8 tour and that will be in London in July.

Plans are already afoot for the 2018-9 Training Day Tour and details will follow here in due course.

Thank you very much to everyone who played their part in making today's event such a great success.

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