Monday 24 September 2018

In Their Own Words (Series Three, Part Four)

What I like about chess is it is quiet and really peaceful. I love to play chess. I am going to play in a chess tournament and I can't wait to go.

Tanisha (8)

Chess is the best ever. I play it with my mam, dad and sister. Some times I win and sometimes I draw. Chess is a smart game.

Grace (7)

I like doing chess because it is easy to win if you keep your king safe. I like the competitions as well.

Lucas (8)

I enjoy the chess lessons because I can learn new tactics and play in tournaments. It is a lesson I can enjoy and learn something at the same time. My favourite piece is the queen because she can move all over the board.

Lexi (8)

I like to checkmate the king and every time I do it people say 'aww, come on!' I like en passant because it is something new.

Austin (7)

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