Wednesday 24 May 2017

CSC Training Day Tour: Leeds

Following on from the Newcastle Training Day of last month, today we travelled to Leeds continue our tour.

The delegates were an excellent blend of seasoned chess players (including England International Jim Burnett) and lesser-experienced players.

Among other subjects, we discussed the CSC in general, how we teach chess in schools, the benefits of chess and the use of chess mini-games and variants.

Chris Fegan at the start of the day

CSC on Parade: Chris Fegan, me, Dan Staples
Jim moving around the room like a Bishop 
Mary moving like a Queen
Working on the benefits of chess

Dice Chess: Sophia (champion for the day) checkmating Winston (her Father!)

Four sixes wins the game immediately!
Thank you, everyone!

If you would like to take part in a CSC Training Day then please keep an eye on this page of our website.

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