Sunday 8 May 2016

Teesside Megafinal Results

Here we have the results from yesterday's Teesside Megafinal.

All Supremos and Supremas, plus all players with a score of four points or more, have now qualified for the Gigafinal, which will be held on the weekend of 9-10 July at Wright Robinson College, Off Falmers Close, Abbey Hey Lane, Gorton, Manchester, M18 8RL. Under-7s to Under-10s will play on the Saturday and the Under-11s to Under-18s will play on the Sunday.

Gigafinal entry forms will be sent directly to the relevant players by the main organisers of the UK Chess Challenge.

As I stressed repeatedly on the day - and, indeed, as I stress every single time I talk to the children at my schools about the UK Chess Challenge - qualifying for the Gigafinal is a wonderful thing to do but it is definitely not the most important part about playing in the Megafinal. Everyone who played yesterday will have gained very valuable experience and will now be a much stronger player than they were 24 hours ago.


Suprema! 6: Christy Howe (Throston)

4.5: Lily Tattersall (Whale Hill)

Supremo! 4: Aryan Nalawade (Yarm)

4: Farrell Scott (Whale Hill)

3: Olivia O’Hare (Whale Hill)

3.5: Seth Holland (Yarm), Tanveer Timmons (Yarm), Oliver Lowery (Whale Hill), Spencer Roberts (Whale Hill)

2.5: Cara Ramsay (Eskdale), Jackson Cairns (Eskdale), Lawrence Wilson (Whale Hill), Summer Williams (Whale Hill), Oliver Wilson (Whale Hill), Isobel McGlade (Yarm)

1.5: Lilliemae Bennett-White (Whale Hill), Kate Howell (Yarm), Elizabeth Neilson (Yarm)


Supremo! 6: Ajay Selvan (Yarm)

4: Grace Crawford (Yarm)

4: David Ciobanu (Mill Lane), Jack Thompson (Dormanstown), Carlton Nevison (Sacred Heart), Samuel Bolton (Throston)

3.5: Zaara Soni (Yarm), Alexander Jones (Errington), Leelan Woodhouse (Sacred Heart)

3: Thalia Smith (Throston), Harry Ward (Whale Hill), Oliver Piatek (Sacred Heart), Shola Afolabi (Yarm)

2.5: Eleanor Scott (Sacred Heart)

2: Benjamin Ridley (Sacred Heart), Sanuli Ayupala (Sacred Heart), Amie Leigh Boylan (Eskdale)

0.5: Othni Ranasing (Sacred Heart)


Supremo! 6: Yusuf Syed (Yarm)

5: Charlie Peirson (Ings Farm)

4.5: Henry Parker (Yarm), Nathan Li (Whale Hill)

Suprema! 4: Ella Francis (Wheatlands)

4: Ellis Andersson (Wheatlands), Benjamin Clayton (Westgarth)

3.5: Archie Unthank (Wheatlands), Jake Vallily (Westgarth), Sam McGreal (Westgarth), Isaac Atkinson (Westgarth), Lilia Gordon (The Avenue)

3: Lucas Whalley (Westgarth), Eleanor Whitwell (Ings Farm), James McGee (The Avenue), Heidi Himsworth (Whale Hill), Connor O’Hare (Whale Hill)

2.5: Ammeen Khunda (Yarm), Sam Collings (Westgarth), Matthew Finn (Westgarth), Harriet Dixon (Westgarth), Oskar Zawiasa (Whale Hill), Isobel Caswell (Whale Hill)

1.5: Evie Butterfield (Whale Hill), Lilli-Mae McMillan (Whale Hill), Adam Durant (Errington)

1: Lucy Halton (Wheatlands)

0: Isra Ali (Yarm)


5: Adhithyan Dinakaran (Yarm), Ammar Soni (Yarm) Gaurav Kannan (Yarm), Finlay Wardle (Ings Farm)

Ammar was officially the Supremo on mathematical tiebreak ('sum of progressive scores') but all players received an almost identical trophy and a place in the Gigafinal.

Suprema! 4.5: Leia McCusker (Westgarth)

4.5: Rahen Arya Mohammed (Billingham South)

4: Keya Shah (Yarm), Charlotte Robinson (Westgarth), Sam Robinson (Westgarth), Lili Grace Giles (Westgarth)

3: Alexander Robinson (Wheatlands), Samantha Botterill (Yarm), Luke Taylor (Westgarth), Taylor Bowen (Hemlington Hall), Libby Gordon (The Avenue), Joshua Hamilton (Whale Hill)

2.5: Abigail Farrow (Errington)

2: Cameron Thomson (Hemlington Hall), Lucy Forsyth (The Avenue), Jorja Ward (Billingham South), Libby Mackay (Wheatlands)

1.5: Skye Whipham Booth (Hemlington Hall), Millie Biggs (Hemlington Hall)

1: Frazer Leng (Hemlington Hall)

0.5: Mason Shorter (Hemlington Hall)

0: Bradley Proctor (Hemlington Hall)


5.5: Ihsaan Mahmood (Yarm)

Suprema! 5: Caitlin Anderson (Westgarth) 

5: Jake Meager (Yarm)

4.5: Benjy Millward (Throston)

4: Shrish Nair (Yarm), Ben Salter (Whale Hill)

3.5: Brad Turley (Glebe)

3: Aishani Paul (Yarm), Bellen Hawar (Billingham South), Alex Cooper (Glebe), Thomas Stiff (Errington), Joshua Coleman (Whale Hill)

2.5: Sam Simpson (Glebe), Zoe Hill (Westgarth), Ruby Armstrong (Westgarth)

2: Joe Simpson (Glebe), Danny Scott (Yarm)

1.5: Jasmine Kaur (Yarm), Imogen Lyth (Billingham South)

0: Macy Nelson (Glebe)

Over-11 Composite Section

The older children played in a combined section due to smaller numbers. As it says on the entry form: 'Please note: sections may be merged if numbers are small but titles will still be won.'

Under-12 Supremo: Harry Wilson (Hummersknott)

=1st Under-12 Girls: Caitlin Little (St Peter’s), Molly Cottrell (Outwood Academy Bydales)

Caitlin is officially the Suprema on mathematical tiebreak ('sum of progressive scores') but both players received an almost identical trophy.

Other Under-12 Scores

5: Abhinav Ramisetty (Yarm)

2: Jack Gray (Outwood Academy Bydales)

0: Cole Newton (Outwood Academy Bydales)

Under-13 Surpemo: Max Newbold (Yarm)

Under-13 Surpema: Kaushiki Dasgupta (Yarm)

Under-14 Supremo: Adam David Lim Wright (Yarm)

Under-15 Supremo: Luke Power (St Peter’s)

Under-17 Supremo: Freddie Wiles (Yarm)

Under-18 Supremo: Vivek Matthews (Yarm)

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