Sunday 11 October 2015

In Their Own Words (7)

''I love chess because I love to win! Some of the chess tricks are called skewer, pin and fork. The chess pieces are called pawns, rooks, knights, queen and king.''

Saran (8)

''I really like chess because it is really, really fun! I like going in tournaments and getting medals and also like getting lots of trophies. I'm very competitive and like winning a lot. My favourite piece on the board is a rook.''

Larissa (8)

''I like chess because it is so good and intense. If we are the same strength it gets harder and harder. I like to go to tournaments. I like chess as much as anything. I enjoy doing forks, skewers and pins so I can trap people or pieces, win the game and rule at chess! Chess! It's fun!''
Krishaan (8)

''I love chess because I like to play games. I like to fork and
pin a player with the king, queen and rook.''

Zak (8)

''I love chess because it is so much fun. I learned so much! I know forks, skewers and pins, so Mr Marsh please give me more chess - not too hard because I'm not too good - but give me more chess because I love my chess!''

Kajetan (8)

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