Wednesday 23 September 2015

In Their Own Words (3)

''I like chess because it is fun and I am really good at it.''
Nathan (8)

''Chess is fun and I play at home with my dad. I can teach my sisters and mam how to play too.''
Olivia (8)

''I enjoy playing chess because you can play against your friends. I also like playing mini-games and teaching other people. I enjoy solving chess problems using skewers, forks and pins.''
Isobel (8)

''I enjoy chess because you can play against your friends and teach other people. I also enjoy playing mini-games like Crusher Chess. You can learn pins, forks and skewers.''
Emilia (8)

''I like chess because it's fun. You get to learn about all the different pieces in chess. Whoever wants to join the chess group is welcome. Just visit the CSC!''
Henry (8)

''What I like about chess is it is fun because there are different mini-games like Crusher, Lightning and Pirate Chess! I like to play against my friends as well!''
Jessica (8)

''I like chess because it's fun and you have to think.''
Oskar (8)

''I enjoy chess because it is fun and I like to crush Oskar!''
Jake (8)

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