Monday, 17 August 2020

New Reunion for the London Crew

The CSC Teesside superstars who participated in the 2019 London Chess Classic reunited again yesterday (although illness prevented one of the crew from attending).

For me it was an opportunity to unwind immediately after delivering the sixth and final training day of the current series.

The original plan involved a rematch of the big game we had last we time we met (at the start of July).

Unfortunately, August in England brings unpredictable weather and it was rather too wet to play the game on this particular occasion.

However, we still managed to have an excellent picnic and a fine walk (armed with umbrellas, of course).

In order to ensure we were observing the correct social distancing and other safety measures, we also had masks and a chessboard.

Whenever we saw strangers approaching we simply unrolled the chessboard and it scared them all off.

The photographs are further proof that paying chess is as easy as falling off a log.

Among our other discoveries there was an intelligent frog who wanted to play chess. It stayed on the green squares for as long as possible for automatic camouflage. We had to be very quick to capture it on a white square.

That concludes the story of CSC Teesside's latest leap.


Another reunion is coming soon!

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