Monday 4 November 2019

Secret Preparation

CSC Teesside always likes to prepare properly for chess events and significant portions of the last two days have been spent doing exactly that, despite how it may seem.

First, we went to Oz, but we didn't have to follow the yellow brick road on this particular occasion, as it was just down the road at the Yarm Princess Alexandra Auditorium - the very same venue and stage we use for our annual UK Chess Challenge Megafinal!

The next part of preparation involved bowling and pizzas.

I just happened to bump into two of my favourite people...

Things became serious once the bowling started. The children had to try and beat our total score. It took them a while to work out they only had four people to our five, but be fair - they were using bumpers and ramps.

Suddenly the names of the competitors started to change...

The juniors were editing the names faster than we could change them back again.

Final score: Adults: 389, Juniors: 366.

Naturally, our stars were given the V.I.P. treatment.

Such sporty exertions had made everyone hungry, so it was time for the final part of our preparation.

Whose hand is reaching for the ice cream...?

Our preparations are now almost complete and soon we will be on our very special mission...

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