Thursday 24 May 2018

CSC Training Day Tour 2017-8: Leeds

Yesterday we returned to Leeds to deliver the Yorkshire leg of the 2017-8 CSC Training Day Tour, exactly one year to the day since the inaugural event.

12 delegates brought a whole range of abilities and experience to the day, from chess players who had been active over the board for 40 years but had no teaching experience to exactly the opposite scenario.

The offices of Peter Mason - a delegate on last year's course - again proved to be a perfect venue.

Dan Staples, Regional Coordinator for Yorkshire, made the opening remarks. In fact Dan wears so many different hats for CSC that he could even put a hyperactive milliner to shame.

Chris Fegan, CSC's Chief Operating Officer, travelled down from London for the day to inform the delegates of our mission and activities.

Then it was straight into the training activities, for which we can let the photographs tell the story more or less on their own...

Mini-games in action

I have known Kevin ever since we played for Guisborough Chess Club back in the early 1980s but this is the first time I have ever seen him move around the room like a bishop. Not counting the time he got back to the digs after a nightclub visit during the 1985 Penrith Congress, of course.

More role-play human pieces followed, including the rook...
...the knight - complete with a jump over a chair (health and safety please look away now)... 
...and despite the Henry VIII appearance, a queen.
Richard tries to outmanoeuvre a queen with an army of pawns.
Funds run tight towards the end of a school year. Dan and Chris
gamely saved on expenses by sharing a suit for the day. 
With Kevin - one of my all-time best friends and big supporter of my events.

The face of victory.

Never mind finding the camera, Hema - just keep concentrating on the board!
A different kind of roll-play: dice chess can end with a check from an unprotected pawn.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a fabulous group of people. Thank you, everyone! 

Head here for details of forthcoming CSC Training Days. The 2017-8 is drawing to a close but the schedule for 2018-9 should be available in the not too distant future.

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