Tuesday 6 February 2018


Following on from our innovative training day in Edinburgh back in October and our desire to build a CSC stronghold in Scotland, Andrew MacQueen, who had attended the earlier training session, made the long journey from Glasgow to Teesside to shadow my sessions at two of our CSC Teesside schools.

First, we were made very welcome at Brambles with an excellent tea and coffee from Mrs Mackay and two groups of Year 3s who really entered into the spirit of the occasion to give our special visitor an example of exactly how we like to do things on Teesside.
The children in both classes were attentive and worked hard on the material Andrew presented to them. They then played some excellent games in round three of their UK Chess Challenge.

Next, we were off to Whale Hill to work with children from various age groups including three classes of Year 2s.

Before starting with the chess we were treated to a fabulous school lunch (Andrew's first in a lot of years!). One simply can't go wrong when curry is on the menu.

Soon it was back to food for thought and a very busy afternoon featuring a large number of chess players.

Andrew and I both tested the checkmate skills of the young stars and then Andrew finished off the long day of chess with a simultaneous display against seven children. Final score: 7-0 to Andrew!
Our special guest star has vowed to return to Teesside in the near future. Stay tuned for another report!

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