Sunday 31 December 2017

Stand or Fall

As we reach the dying embers of 2017, it is natural to look back over the course of the outgoing year and to speculate about the one incoming.

Whether or not I have achieved anything significant is perhaps for others to judge, with the caveat that I am neither swayed nor motivated by opinions.

One of my real guiding forces is the pride I feel I am putting back into Teesside, one of the most maligned of all areas.

Just take a look at the captured moments from our successful year. I don’t necessarily measure success by the number of medals and titles a player can earn, but I am much more interested in how our Teesside stars act as ambassadors to our region whenever they travel to play the game they love.

Look at the photographs from our most recent London Classic expedition - and then try and tell me the people of Teesside aren’t as magnificent as anyone else, anywhere else.

The old song has it that pride comes before a fall, but to protect against such a setback I can assure all readers that I am well aware of what we have to do to ensure our future achievements match our high expectations.

We need to work harder. Play more; create more; teach more; write more.

We need to build on our successes and to show the world what Teesside, and the people of Teesside, are all about.

As I wish you all a very Happy New Year I can confirm I am more than ready for the challenge.

Who is with me?

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