Sunday 26 November 2017

Project 30: Rapidplay Results

The first round of the Project 30's Rapidplay Match Championship concluded today. Four players battled it out over two 20-minute games - and one pairing required two sets of tie-breakers at a much faster time limit.

All is ready

Julian Allinson 1-1 Dave Edmunds
5-minute tie-break games: 1-1 
Second 5-minute tie-break games: 2-0

A very exciting match, in which Julian twice had to win with White to extend the contest when he had fallen under the pressure caused by losing with Black. He eventually took the match initiative by winning a key endgame position as Black and then ensured his passage to the semi-finals with a powerful performance as White in the sixth game.
Dave Edmunds
Tense tie-break games
Julian with his trademark bananaa

Sean Marsh 2-0 David Baillie

David Baillie

Having survived positional pressure in the first game, David looked set to turn the tables completely but went astray in a very messy endgame. The second game saw David accept a slightly compromised pawn structure in return for the bishop pair, but the bishops didn't find enough activity in time and he was left worse as the endgame developed.

The draw for the semi-finals has been made.

John Garnett vs. Sean Marsh

Julian Allinson vs. Matthew Jackman

The ties will feature four Rapidplay games, with additional 5-minute tie-breakers if required.

The semi-finals must be concluded by the end of February 2018.

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