Thursday 27 April 2017

Training Day Tour: Newcastle

Our CSC Training Day tour started today with a trip to Newcastle; specifically, Room 2.38 of the King George VI Building, Newcastle University.

It is not often I find myself travelling North for chess activities but today brought a very welcome exception, as I met with a fabulous group of delegates - including the legendary Tim Wall - for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

CSC is hoping to spread to Newcastle in the near future and this training day made some important initial steps.

Highlights of the day included introducing the delegates to mini-games...

...working on the benefits of chess...

...enjoying a game of Maharajah Chess as an introduction to chess variations as a full-class activity...

...and a welcome outing for Dice Chess, which acts as a great leveller and is an ideal way to encourage children to play the stronger players in a class.

Thank you, everyone!

If you would like to enrol for one of our training days then please head for the CSC training page.

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