Monday 23 November 2015

Secret Training

Having selected a small group of extraordinary juniors to tackle a top secret and extremely difficult mission for CSC Teesside (more details later), it was time to put them through their paces.

However, the training wasn't particularly arduous as it involved bowling and eating pizza.

First up - the Juniors vs. Adults bowling match!

CSC Teesside - relieved that the training is actually fun.
Father and son bowling in perfect harmony.
''Just one more joke, Mr Marsh - and your foot gets it!''
I am quite attached to my feet and am hoping things stay that way.
On the way to a clearance.
The most fun they can have without actually checkmating someone.
Can we beat them...?

A spy in the camp...?

We added up the total scores for each lane and announced the adults had won. Until the juniors realised we had five players to their four, of course - at which point a recount was demanded.
A competitive game of air hockey soon followed.

There was only one way to follow all of that. Pizza time!

A very rare shot of Thomas with his mouth closed.
I hadn't realised my camera was so fast.
No caption required!

Most pizzas on our table were cut into seven pieces. I cut mine into four. The juniors asked why and I told them I wasn't so sure I could eat seven pieces. They are still thinking about that one.

Just to complete our photographic record of all three of Grace's courses.
Finlay getting his just desserts.
Captain Caitlin trying to control the team. Sort of...

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